Top 5 Reasons your Business Needs its Own Mobile App

There are many reasons why retailers should have their own mobile app, in addition to their e-commerce website. While historically only the largest retailers had their own app, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Below are the top 5 reasons – all leading to an increase in sales - of why a small-to-medium sized business should have their own mobile app:.

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How Apps Help Drive Consumer Conversions

Mobile apps convert at a rate 3x higher than websites do. By crafting an exceptional user experience throughout the customer journey, mobile apps are able to heighten conversion probabilities across your entire customer base.

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The Rule of 85 - Avoid Startup Failures from a Customer-First Strategy

While the customer will indeed tell you what they want from your business, they will not tell you how to craft a market-defining customer experience. Avoid premature and inadequate launches with Youshie's rule of 85.

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