July 5, 2024

Best App for Loyalty Cards: For Business Owners

Discover the best app for loyalty cards for business owners. Enhance customer retention, boost engagement and drive sales effortlessly with our top pick.


Unlike consumer-oriented apps that help shoppers manage multiple loyalty cards in one wallet, these business-focused solutions are designed to help you create and manage your own loyalty programs. 

Choosing the best app for loyalty cards isn't always straightforward, as there are various types to consider, such as branded apps that enhance customer engagement through personalized experiences, traditional loyalty card apps, and comprehensive loyalty program managers. 

With the right app, you can create a win-win situation where customers earn exciting benefits such as exclusive discounts, early access to sales and personalized offers. In turn, your business can see a 95% increase in customer engagement and a 3x increase in conversion rates.

This article is your guide to the best loyalty card apps for businesses of all sizes. From cozy cafes to large enterprises, with just one app, you can transform customer relationships and boost customer retention. 

Top apps for loyalty cards to boost customer engagement


Youshie dashboard

Youshie makes customer retention and engagement easier with your independent iOS and Android app. Youshie offers a personalized experience with push notifications, in-depth analytics and useful integrations. Having a branded app helps increase customer lifetime value and conversion rates by at least 3X.

It offers a smooth shopping experience, tailors special offers to each customer's needs and gently reminds them about products they may like. Youshie does all this and more! 

Here’s how one of their successful mobile loyalty apps look like:

mobile app with Youshie


Youshie's all-in-one mobile app helps small local businesses like yours turn casual browsers into loyal customers. Here's how:

  • Dynamic rewards: Design a program that keeps customers coming back for more. Offer exclusive deals, reward points and limited-time deals to turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.
  • AI-powered engagement assistant: Youshie's Engagement Assistant maximizes customer loyalty through personalized interactions. Using AI, the Engagement Assistant can send targeted re-engagement campaigns, deliver relevant notifications based on customer behavior and automated emails for personalized rewards.
  • Smarter shopping, faster checkout: With mobile devices accounting for 60.08% of the market share worldwide, Youshie prioritizes mobile optimization to streamline the shopping experience.
  • Spotlight: Use Youshie's Spotlight feature to foster a community spirit by sharing blog posts, showcasing new products and curating special collections. “Youshie's Spotlight feature has been a great way for us to keep our customers up-to-date on our art initiatives and latest products.” says Mark from Muskoka Arts & Crafts.
  • Personalized push notifications: Youshie's push notifications are 5-6x more effective than emails in converting users. Send timely offers, personalized updates and friendly reminders to ensure your customers keep returning for more, boosting engagement and driving sales effectively.
  • All-in-one tool integration: Youshie seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Shopify, Mailchimp, Stripe, Square and Moneris. Manage your program, marketing efforts and payment processing from one central hub.
Youshie features

Plus, you can try Youshie completely free with no credit card required!

Use cases

Youshie isn't just another loyalty program; it's a full suite of tools that can turn app users into loyal fans. Here's how it helps businesses win over customers:

  • Reward every action: Say goodbye to limiting points-only systems. Youshie lets you reward customers for everything, from purchases to app opens and browsing. They'll earn points towards discounts, freebies and exclusive offers, keeping them returning for more.
  • Treat your VIPs right: Youshie lets you give your mobile app users special offers, surprise gifts and exclusive event invites. In return, you gain brand ambassadors, loyal customers, and increased customer advocacy. 
  • Know your customers, recommend the perfect products: Youshie analyzes interactions within your app, including their purchase history. This personalized approach significantly boosts the likelihood that they'll purchase similar products or personalized offers over generic ones.
  • Become a data mastermind: Discover what drives your customers' preferences and behaviors, enabling you to customize their app experience for maximum impact.
  • Engage customers: Keep your customers engaged with fresh content by regularly sharing updates, curating collections and featuring blog posts directly within the app. Interested customers will continually check for news, making your app a go-to rather than just another sporadically used icon on their phone.


  • Free trial
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy-to-maintain
  • In-store scanning
  • Quick & easy setup
  • App launch in 5 days
  • Available everywhere
  • Your own branded iOS and Android apps (Not Youshie branded)
  • Direct Youshie support
  • Youshie team bug fixes


Youshie offers two paid plans:

  • Core plan ($199/month): This plan is perfect for local businesses new to mobile apps or those who don't need extensive customization.
  • Unlimited plan (get a quote): This customizable plan lets you tailor the app to your specific needs and brand with customer integrations, features, and a dedicated account team.

*Try either plan without risk with a 1-month trial.

Youshie pricing

User rating

Our clients love how Youshie's Dynamic Rewards go beyond basic points, targeting the right customers with personalized recommendations that keep them returning for more. But it's not just about that – Youshie's Spotlight feature lets you turn your program into a vibrant hub for sharing updates, so it creates a sense of community.

Youshie user ratings


WavetoGet dashboard

WavetoGet is a user-friendly app that allows you to design a program with customized rewards, sales and even digital membership cards. Here's how it works: Customers simply download the WaveToGet app and scan their unique code at your store.

Even though you are under WavetoGet’s brand, you can use their customization options to make the app feel more aligned with your brand.  According to their website, WavetoGet offers only the loyalty component, while the shopping experience isn’t integrated into the app (apart from the QR code payments from points collection)


Here are its key features:

  • Personalized promotions: WaveToGet lets you ditch the one-size-fits-all approach. Design targeted promotions that resonate with specific customer groups, ensuring offers they'll truly love.
  • Customization: Want your program to reflect your unique brand identity? No problem! WavetoGet allows you to customize everything, from color schemes to reward structures and promo codes.
  • Customer balances view: WavetoGet gives you a clear view of your customers' points or virtual currency balances, allowing you to add rewards or manage accounts easily.
  • QR code system: This WavetoGet's system makes transactions a smooth and secure experience for your customers.
  • Point-gift conversion: WavetoGet lets you convert your customers’ hard-earned loyalty points into exciting gifts, discounts or even free products (depending on your business).

Use cases

Getting rewards isn't the only purpose of WavetoGet. It's a platform with features that help you craft an engaging program for your customers. Here are some creative ways to use it:

  • Tiered loyalty programs: Reward your most loyal customers with exclusive benefits like early access to sales, special discounts or birthday surprises.
  • Referral program: WavetoGet allows you to incentivize referrals with rewards for both the referrer and the friend, expanding your customer base and fostering a community around your brand.
  • Personalized perks: WavetoGet lets you tailor offers and recommendations to individual users, suggesting products they'll genuinely love and increasing the chances of buying.
  • Gift sharing: Customers can gift their points or rewards to friends and family, fostering positive brand experiences and creating opportunities for new customers to discover your brand.
  • QR code scanning: WavetoGet lets customers scan QR codes at your store or events to collect points instantly. This makes it easy and enjoyable for customers to participate in your loyalty program, motivating them to return for more.
wavetoget use cases


  • Accessible on any device
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • QR-code system


WavetoGet offers a tiered pricing structure to perfectly match your goals:

  • Basic plan: $99 per month
  • Single plan: $199 per month
  • Ultimate plan: $490 per 12 months
wavetoget pricing

User rating

WaveToGet is highly effective for online loyalty programs, offering seamless transitions between gift cards and loyalty cards. 

wavetoget user rating


Passkit dashboards

PassKit empowers businesses to ditch the plastic and embrace the future of loyalty programs with digital cards and passes. You can design digital cards, membership cards, coupons and more - all accessible directly on customers' phones in Apple and Google Wallet.

Unlike branded apps, PassKit has versatile digital card solutions rather than a fully interactive app experience tailored to specific brand needs.For example you miss out on “the in-app shopping experience” since it offers only the loyalty component.


These are its key features:

  • Cross-industry reach: From retail stores to travel agencies, PassKit caters to a wide range of industries. 
  • Effortless design: PassKit's drag-and-drop interface lets you design all your loyalty cards using pre-built templates to meet both Google and Apple's guidelines.
  • Rewards on autopilot: It integrates with marketing automation tools, allowing you to set up rules and triggers for automatic rewards. This means happy customers who get surprised and delighted with timely incentives, boosting loyalty.
  • Location-based notifications: You can define virtual zones around your stores or events so that when customers enter these areas, they'll receive special offers or notifications.
  • Mobile wallets made easy: PassKit integrates with Apple Wallet and Google Wallet through APIs and SDKs. You can easily add digital loyalty cards and rewards to your customers' phones.
wavetoget features

Use cases

  • Limited-time deals & flash sales: Create a buzz with exclusive offers and deals for mobile app users only.
  • Community building: Let your customers connect, share tips and discuss products. This creates a loyal fanbase that feels valued and engaged.
  • Exclusive offers: Offer your rewards cards' users early access to new products or upcoming sales. This exclusivity makes them feel valued and encourages repeat visits.
  • Digital rewards & loyalty on the go: Digital loyalty cards and rewards stored conveniently within your app incentivize repeat purchases and keep customers engaged.
  • Last updates: Push notifications, blog posts, and email newsletters inform them about exciting new features, program updates and exclusive coupons.


  • Flexible pricing model
  • Solid reliability
  • Free trial


PassKit offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model that scales alongside your loyalty program:

  • Just getting started? (0 to 250 passes): Launch your program for a flat monthly fee of $39.50.
  • Loyalty on the rise (251-2,500 passes): As your program gains traction, you'll be charged per pass. Multi-use passes (like membership cards) are $0.0450 each, while single-use passes (like coupons) are $0.0945 each.
  • Loyalty leader (2,501+ passes): For businesses with a booming loyalty program, PassKit offers even lower per-pass rates. Multi-use passes drop to $0.0340 each and single-use passes go down to $0.0714 each.
wavetoget pricing

User rating

While PassKit offers a robust platform for creating a digital loyalty card, independent user reviews on sites like Capterra and G2 are currently unavailable. 

Loopy Loyalty

Loopy Loyalty dashboard

Loopy Loyalty is one of the loyalty card apps that lets you design and manage digital stamp cards that integrate with Apple and Google Wallet. Unlike branded apps, which offer a more interactive and engaging experience, Loopy Loyalty simplifies the process for customers who save their loyalty cards directly to their phones.

Plus, according to their website, the shopping experience isn’t integrated with the rewards within the app.


  • Digital stamp cards: Design beautiful and effective digital stamp cards without graphic design skills or coding knowledge.
  • Fits right in their pocket: Loopy Loyalty integrates with Apple and Google Wallet, allowing customers to easily access their digital stamp cards on their phones.
  • Targeted push notifications: Send targeted push notifications directly to your customers' phones, including lock screen notifications for iPhone users (not available on Android devices yet).
  • Contactless stamping: Your customers can issue stamps and rewards directly on their phones or remotely through the web, offering ultimate flexibility.
  • Location-based notifications (Apple users only): Send targeted notifications to customers near your store, reminding them of exclusive offers or special events.
  • Unlimited everything: There's no limit to the number of customers you can enroll, push messages you can send or stamps you can issue. Plus, Loopy Loyalty tracks all transactions, giving you valuable data to improve customer service and personalize your messaging.
Loopy Loyalty features

Use cases

  • Single rewards: Offer a free cup of coffee after every six purchases. Loopy Loyalty lets you design these straightforward programs, making them easy for customers to understand and participate in.
  • Tiered program: After collecting a set number of stamps, you can offer your customers a discount on a specific product. If they collect more stamps, you may offer a larger discount or even unlock the product at no cost.
  • Targeted messaging: Life gets busy, and sometimes customers forget about their favorite stores. Loopy Loyalty's targeted messages let you send personalized offers directly to their phones.
  • Location-based engagement: With location-based messages, you can send targeted offers to customers who are near your store


  • Free trial
  • Excellent customer support
  • Integration with mobile wallets


Loopy Loyalty offers flexible plans to fit your needs:

  • Starter: $25 per month
  • Growth: $69 per month
  • Ultimate: $95 per month
Loopy Loyalty pricing

User rating

The platform's professional and user-friendly interface makes it a pleasure for customers to interact with your program.

Loopy Loyalty user ratings

Glue Loyalty

Glue Loyalty dashboard

Glue Loyalty is a digital loyalty tool designed specifically for local businesses like yours - pubs, restaurants, nail salons, bakeries, car washes and more. Through a tiered system with exclusive perks, coupons, and rewards, you show your most dedicated customers that they're valued members of your community, not just another transaction.

Glue Loyalty doesn’t offer in-app shopping, but supplies an API that will connect with your website or your POS system, so every time a client purchases, they will be awarded.


  • Customer management system: Glue Loyalty's built-in customer management system lets you track your regulars and understand their purchasing habits and product interests.
  • Customizable point system: Every transaction earns points, getting customers excited to redeem them for exclusive offers.
  • Web branded app: Glue Loyalty empowers you to make a web branded app making your program more handy and easy for your customers to track and access rewards. This is only available at a higher price plan.
  • Automated marketing campaigns: Set up automated emails and notifications to send birthday wishes, special offers and gentle reminders to customers who haven't visited.

Use cases

  • Gamification: Glue Loyalty's point system lets customers rack up points for every visit, redeemable for delicious treats or refreshing drinks.
  • Customer retention: Implement a revival plan and reach out to those who haven't visited in a while with personalized offers and gentle reminders.
  • Personalized offers: Use the app to send personalized birthday or anniversary deals, reminding them of the perfect way to celebrate with your products.


  • Membership tiers
  • Points for every action
  • Handy digital loyalty card
  • Referral program
  • Free version


They offer three paid pricing plans, starting from $88 per month (billed annually), but you can also explore them at no cost:

  • First look: Free
  • Growth: $88 per month
  • Auto-pilot club: $127 per month
  • Auto-pilot club+POS integration: $159 month
Glue Loyalty pricing

User rating

Glue Loyalty boasts a user-friendly interface that lets you build a beautiful mobile app for your program, even if you have zero coding experience.

Glue loyalty user rating

Comparison Table

Best for Customization options Android/Ios Integrations Pricing
Youshie Building a community around your brand Yes Yes Yes From $199/mo
WavetoGet Gift cards Yes Yes No From $99/mo
Passkit Pass scanning Yes Yes Yes From $39.50/mo
Loopy Loyalty Contactless stamping Yes Yes Yes From $25/mo
Glue Loyalty Local businesses Yes (in paid plans) No Yes From $88/mo

Branded apps vs Loyalty card apps

Remember those paper loyalty cards with a single purpose: collecting points? Branded apps are the modern upgrade, offering a more interactive and engaging experience for you and your customers. Here's why they're the clear winner:

  • Customer engagement: Branded apps let you send personalized deals, deliver targeted alerts (push notifications) with user-friendly interfaces that keep customers hooked.
  • Data-driven decisions: Unlike loyalty card apps that collect minimal data, branded apps provide a deep understanding of how customers behave. This lets you tailor marketing campaigns with laser focus, ensuring your messages resonate with the right people at the right time.
  • All-in-one marketing tool: You can integrate in-app messaging, social sharing features and eye-catching promotional banners to directly communicate with your customers.
  • A community, not just transactions: Branded apps go beyond simply point tracking. They offer unique in-app experiences, such as interactive games, personalized recommendations and exclusive content, fostering a deeper connection with your customers.


While each app has similar features with some key variations, Youshie shines in a crucial area – building a thriving community around your brand. With features like personalized engagement through AI, dynamic rewards that keep customers coming back and seamless integration with popular tools, Youshie empowers businesses to foster lasting connections.

By choosing Youshie you will get your own iOS and Android app, and not someone else’s or Wallet-based, so you are in full control. Sign up for a free trial today and see how Youshie can transform your customer relationships.


What is the best app for digital loyalty cards?

Depending on your needs, several apps excel in managing digital loyalty cards. Look for features like ease of use, customization options and integration capabilities with your existing systems. For a program that goes beyond just managing cards and prioritizes building relationships, consider Youshie. It offers features that simplify management and focus on keeping your customers engaged and coming back for more.

What is the best app for storing loyalty cards on iPhone?

For storing loyalty cards on iPhone, apps like PassKit and Loopy Loyalty are popular choices. PassKit allows businesses to design digital cards and passes that are easily accessible via Apple Wallet, while Loopy Loyalty offers digital stamp cards integrated with Apple Wallet for a convenient and eco-friendly customer experience.

Why do you need a loyalty app for customers?

A loyalty app enhances customer retention by offering personalized rewards, exclusive deals and a seamless shopping experience. It fosters customer loyalty, boosts engagement and provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, ultimately driving sales and brand advocacy.

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