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We can help make your customers more valuable. We're passionate about helping small businesses succeed.


Every Day, We Work With A Lot Of Passion.

Our entire team loves what they do. We go the extra step to make sure all our clients succeed in an increasingly competitive global market.


Not only from your Customers. But us too.

We're here to help your business grow. We only succeed when you do. You'll never have to worry about any incremental charges, or additional work that needs to be done. We got you covered.


We are committed to quality above all else.

We do whatever we can to make your business successful. That starts with the quality and robustness of our software. Years of refinement have gone into our platform, and we won't ever stop improving it for you.

Our all-stars team

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Silvio D'Addario

President & CEO

Stephen D'Addario

Founder and COO

Joe Ussia

Member of the Board

Chris Stock

Member of the Board

Marco Adriano

Sales Lead

Eric D'Addario



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