We exist to help your small business dream bigger

We understand what it means to be a business in a modern, globalized economy, competing against industry giants. That's why we created our mobile app platform, so that we can help your business grow, without any of the headaches associated with building your own app from scratch. Our success is based solely on yours.

Why Youshie should be your choice for a mobile app...

Cost advantage

Our flexible mobile e-commerce platform removes the need for large, upfront app development costs that would easily exceed 6 figures. Ongoing costs are also priced in.

UX advantage

Years of development have led us to a mobile app shell with 5 star reviews, that can give your customers a better shopping experience. Watch your revenues and your KPIs grow.

Data advantage

By collecting user data through the platform's mobile app, our data scientists are able to extract valuable insights and predictions crucial for decision making.

Meet the team

Our team is driven my passionate entrepreneurs and industry experts alike. We have a passion for building businesses, and are here to help yours succeed.

Silvio D'Addario

President and CEO

Stephen D'Addario

Vice-president, CSO & Founder

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