Your App Launch Process, Made Easy

How long does it take to build my app?

While build times may vary, we aim to have your app built and tested within 5 business days. Each of our clients' apps are rigorously tested before launch.


Do I need my own Apple and Google Play developer accounts?

No account necessary! We publish your app under the Youshie, Inc. developer accounts. This also greatly simplifies subsequent updates. If, instead, you wish to publish your apps under your own developer account, your account specialist will assist you in doing so.


Is there any support after my app launches?

Of course! In addition to ongoing technical support, Youshie can take a hands-on approach with your business. This entails Youshie associates working alongside your account specialist to help you generate marketing initiatives that leverage your app to ultimately help you reach your business goals.


Do I need to provide Youshie with any app store listing information for my app?

By default, we do not require any additional information to generate a listing for your app. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) practices, we're able to generate tailored listings for your app. However, customers can change their app icon, name, and app listing description in the App Options tab of their Youshie dashboard. We suggest waiting until your listing data is generated and subsequently making adjustments prior to launch. If you wish to provide your own listing, including but not limited to, listing screenshots and the corresponding app description, your account specialist will assist you in doing so.


How will I know when my app goes live?

You will be notified both via your Youshie dashboard and your account specialist when your app is ready to launch. From here, we push your app live to both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Of course, if you'd like to delay release, please get in touch with your account specialist.


When do you start the app building process? What if my app product data is not complete?

The Youshie platform supports real-time updates to all product data. So if you wish to add product data over time, you can do so without requiring a new version of the app to be built. This means we generally start building your app immediately after you subscribe to a Youshie plan and have at least a single product added to your Youshie dashboard. If for any reason you require the app build process to be delayed, please reach out to your account specialist.


How do app updates work?

Updates to your app, whether they contain routine bug fixes or major feature releases, will be managed by Youshie. We notify customers of major feature updates well in advance of their release. For all other updates that predominately contain bug fixes, we notify our customers via their Youshie dashboard as they go live.


How can I get in touch with my account specialist?

Each of our platinum subscribers will receive the contact information to reach their assigned account specialist. Equivalently, starting a live chat will also assign you to your specialist.