Elevate your content marketing

Reach your customers on their phones with a dedicated mobile content interface. Share updates, curate products, and engage your audience directly, all with Spotlight tiles.

A hand that is holding a phone showcasing Youshie's Spotlight.

The winning hand for engagement is content marketing

Discover some of our launch Spotlight tiles. Future tiles will be available for free to all Youshie subscribers with Spotlight enabled.
Featured updates

Your best content front and center.  Showcase curated products, engaging blog posts, or exciting offers to drive your marketing goals.

The top half of a phone with a screenshot of a blog post tile featured in Spotlight.
Curated collections

Put your curated products center stage.  Highlight new arrivals, seasonal favorites, or bestsellers to drive sales and support your marketing campaigns.

2 phones showcasing multiple staff picks Spotlight tile. The phone on the right shows product info after clicking a staff pick from Spotlight.
Blog content

Amplify your content strategy with content tiles, driving customer interest and deepening their connection with your brand.

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Hear from our valued customers

Firsthand testimonials that highlight the benefits that Youshie brings to businesses.

Muskoka Arts & Crafts

Youshie's Spotlight feature has been a great way for us to keep our customers up-to-date on our art initiatives and latest products. We can use Spotlight to create blog posts, curate product collections, and more. This has helped us to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty at a significant ROI.

The Record Shoppe

Dynamic Rewards built into our new app has been a game-changer for our business. We can now offer our customers targeted rewards and promotions that keep them engaged and coming back for more. We've seen a significant increase in customer loyalty and repeat business since we got our engagement app with Youshie.

The Naked Vine

Youshie's mobile commerce solutions have helped us streamline our checkout and post-order process. Our customers can now shop and pay for their purchases quickly and easily on their phones. This has led to a significant increase in our conversion rates and purchase engagement.

Set your business up for GROWTH

Win more customers. It's time to modernize your marketing strategies and engage with your valued customers on a deeper level. Your sales growth will thank you.

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