Turn engaged shoppers into superfans with Dynamic Rewards

5 phones each showing a different page on the app that showcases rewards being shown. The first phone from the left shows the screen where you can scan in-store rewards. The second phone from the left shows the rewards screen whilst redeeming a rewards offer. The middle phone showcases the rewards screen with a notification from the app at the top of the screen. The fourth phone from the left showcases the screen that talks about what the rewards program is. The fifth phone from the left showcases the spotlight screen that shows how many rewards points the account has.

Designed for winning loyalty engagement

A phone shows the rewards screen on the mobile app that showcases how many points the account has and underneath the different reward offers.
Rewards Marketplace

Offer a diverse selection of exciting rewards that motivates engagement and keep your customers coming back for more.

Dynamic Rewards Offers

Keep your rewards program exciting and your customers engaged. Create limited-time deals, exclusive offers, and bonus rewards to create an addictive shopping journey.

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A phone that has the bottom half cut off, that shows a placeholder for the QR code to be placed so it can be scanned for in-store rewards.
In-store Redemption

Dynamic Rewards enables your customers to earn and redeem points both online and in-store, driving engagement across all your valued channels.

Instant Rewards Value

Create and offer redeemable rewards at any point value, anytime. Your customers can enjoy the perks of your loyalty program from the moment they download your app

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Hear from our valued members

Firsthand testimonials that highlight the benefits that Youshie brings to businesses.

Muskoka Arts & Crafts

Youshie's Spotlight feature has been a great way for us to keep our customers up-to-date on our art initiatives and latest products. We can use Spotlight to create blog posts, curate product collections, and more. This has helped us to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty at a significant ROI.

The Record Shoppe

Dynamic Rewards built into our new app has been a game-changer for our business. We can now offer our customers targeted rewards and promotions that keep them engaged and coming back for more. We've seen a significant increase in customer loyalty and repeat business since we got our engagement app with Youshie.

The Naked Vine

Youshie's mobile commerce solutions have helped us streamline our checkout and post-order process. Our customers can now shop and pay for their purchases quickly and easily on their phones. This has led to a significant increase in our conversion rates and purchase engagement.

Hear from our valued members

Firsthand testimonials that highlight the benefits and satisfaction Dynamic Rewards brings to businesses.

Nichole Kitchen
Executive Director, MAC

We finally have the freedom to tailor rewards that truly resonate with our customers. Youshie's rewards system lets us respond to trends, celebrate milestones, and deliver personalized offers.

Cara Henry
CEO, The Record Shoppe

Youshie's flexibility is a major asset for our marketing strategy. We can quickly capitalize on holidays, run targeted promotions, and react to slow periods with stimulating rewards at ease.

Candice Plibersek
Operations, The Naked Vine

We can now create exciting new offers at any point value, whenever we see fit. This flexibility allows us to surprise and delight our customers, instantly boost engagement, and drive sales – all within our new app.

Set your business up for GROWTH

Win more customers. It's time to modernize your marketing strategies and engage with your valued customers on a deeper level. Your sales growth will thank you.

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