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Dive into a realm of unparalleled customer connectivity with Youshie. From intuitive shopping experiences and a modern content strategy to personalized rewards and communications, leverage the best in mobile tech to enhance user engagement and amplify sales.

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4 phones, each phone showcasing a screenshot of feature available on the Youshie platform. The first screenshot focus on Dynamic Rewards. The second phone features Youshie's Spotlight feature. The third phone has a screenshot of the Youshie Shop with the specials tab selected. The last phone has a screenshot of the Youshie Shop product page.

Apps make engagement easy

Unlock the Youshie advantage for your business

The power of push notifications

Push notifications are up to 6x more effective than email. They're that powerful. Target the right customers with timely offers, personalized updates, and reminders that bring them back for more.

Preferred by your customers

Customers today overwhelmingly prefer the convenience and immediacy of mobile apps. Youshie empowers you to meet them on their preferred platform, fostering deeper connections and driving engagement.

Better conversion rates

Turn interest into action and browsers into buyers. Youshie optimizes every touchpoint on the mobile journey, removing friction and increasing conversion rates for sales and lasting engagement.

Your key to behavior-driven personalization

Using behaviour data from your app, Youshie empowers your business by tracking in-app actions and preferences, unlocking the ability to create hyper-relevant offers and communications.

Designed for future growth

Reach a wider audience, and turn your customers into a community. Youshie's app-first approach positions you to capitalize on the explosive growth of mobile customer engagement.

The ideal tool to drive loyalty and growth

Check out some of what is available in the Youshie app suite

4 phones, 3 of which show different screens in Youshie Shop. One phone shows the dedicated produced info page after clicking a product. The third phone shows the “for you” screen with a product displayed. The last phone shows the sub-category shop screen with the category “red wines” selected displaying 2 different sub-categories of red wine.


Modern shopping experiences that convert

Outpace your competition with Youshie's frictionless mobile app shopping and give your customers the mobile shopping experience they crave. Delight them with intuitive navigation, personalized product recommendations, and lightning-fast checkout - all designed to increase conversions.

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Dynamic Rewards

Brilliantly simple and innovative loyalty

Make earning and redeeming rewards effortless. Promote flash rewards, exclusive offers, and special rewards events directly within your app, driving immediate engagement.

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3 phones showcase Dynamic Rewards. One phone shows an information drawer that talks about the rewards program. The middle phone showcases the UI/UX incurred when redeeming a reward offer. The last phone shows the default Dynamic Rewards root screen, displaying to the user how many points the account has, and the different rewards offers.


Advanced checkout powered by Stripe

Turn mobile browsers into buyers with lightning-fast checkout. Youshie and Stripe eliminate friction, enabling faster checkout and boosting conversions.

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2 phones showing the checkout process on the Youshie Platform. The phone on the left showcases the simple checkout process. The phone on the right shows the cart, with 3 products in the cart, and how many rewards points will be earned if all three products are purchased.


Your mobile content hub

Build brand loyalty and drive conversions with a dynamic mobile content hub. Engage your audience on their preferred platform, showcase new offerings, and seamlessly guide them towards purchase decisions.

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3 phones showcasing different screens available in Youshie Spotlight.

Harness your growth

Manage your New App

Powerful back-end to manage your app in real time.

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Real Time Updates - Gain a real-time perspective on customer activity and manage orders instantly. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business performance.

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Actionable Insights - Our software provides a wealth of reports and statistics, offering actionable insights to guide smarter decisions for business growth.

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Customer Communication Management - Harness our notification system to launch campaigns for your entire customer base, or target individual customers for personalized communication, thereby enhancing your customer communication strategy.

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A mac desktop showcasing Youshie's backend portal.

Meet your future app

Better In-Store Shopping

Built around an engaging rewards mechanism, your new app revolutionizes the in-store experience. It offers a powerful strategy for building customer loyalty by rewarding customers with points for every in-store purchase. All they need to do is scan their unique code using the app, and voila! Our cutting-edge customer Engagement Journey takes over, increasing the likelihood of them becoming repeat customers. It's a seamless process that emphasizes simplicity and customer engagement.

A collection of iPhone 14 Pros displaying various screens relating to Youshie's rewards interface.

Meet your future app

Better Online Shopping

With 57% of shoppers favouring mobile apps over other channels primarily due to superior user experiences, it's evident that apps play a pivotal role in digital customer engagement. Our apps outshine web interfaces by accelerating and simplifying your entire shopping and checkout process. This leads to fewer abandoned carts and increased conversion rates. In fact, our apps boast a customer conversion rate that's 3x higher than other platforms, testament to the power of mobile in driving customer engagement and boosting conversion rates.

Multiple iPhone 14s showing various aspects of the app shopping experience.

"I wanted to build a platform I could be proud of, a platform that could help small business succeed.

Youshie has everything you will ever need to boost your business' customer engagement and retention."

Stephen D'Addario
Vice President & Founder, Youshie

About us

Get To Know The People Behind Your New App

We're passionate about helping small business succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

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We want to help your business succeed. Any concerns or questions you may have we will be happy to answer.

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An iPhone 14 Pro, both front and back, showing an app on the app store.

Making it easy

Designed For Growth

In today's digital era, mobile apps significantly boost customer engagement, which is why we champion a mobile-first strategy. Our focus is on enhancing both in-store and online shopping journeys with advanced mobile applications, a key tool in our customer relationship marketing approach. These applications are designed to fortify customer relationships and drive customer lifetime value, ultimately leading to an increase in revenues.

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Optimized for Superior Customer Engagement - Our iOS and Android apps are meticulously designed to enhance customer retention strategies. Focused on nurturing repeat customers and facilitating continuous conversions, our apps average a 3x higher customer conversion rate compared to web platforms. Such a significant increase in conversion rate could not be achieved with web platforms alone, highlighting the power of our digital customer engagement strategy.

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Personalized Content - Embracing a mobile-first approach enables us to dynamically personalize content in response to customer behavior. From tailoring customer communications, to offering bespoke discounts and providing personalized product recommendations, such targeted strategies make each individual user more likely to engage with the content, drive customer engagement, and subsequently, increase the likelihood of purchase completion, thereby improving your customer conversion rate.

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It is super easy, fast and free.

An iPhone 13 Pro series with the home screen available under the Youshie platform, alongside various decorations.