July 5, 2024

Top Five Digital Punch Card Apps Reviewed

Boost customer loyalty and profits with the top five digital punch card apps we reviewed based on features, use cases, pricing and user ratings.


The number of “Starbucks Rewards” members topped 30 million by the end of 2023, thus, clearing all doubts that people don’t like loyalty program apps. Those members accounted for 56% of spending at the chain’s popular locations, according to the Restaurant Business Newspaper, confirming that retaining customers should be every business's top priority.

The Starbucks loyalty rewards system functions easily – you have a Starbucks card (practically a punch card), and you earn “stars” for every purchase you make. Later, you can exchange those points for rewards such as free drinks. 

However, their true “hidden gem” for customer retention is their own branded app, which customers can use to get extra perks such as ordering and paying ahead.

You can easily achieve Starbucks’s success with a digital punch card app that automates your rewards system, reducing the need to carry physical cards. However, depending on your business needs, you will need a basic stamp-based loyalty program, a customizable loyalty card app, or a fully branded app.

This article will review five different digital punch card apps and compare their features, use cases, advantages, user ratings and pricing to help you quickly decide which software to invest in.

The best 5 digital punch card apps reviewed

Let’s review the five best digital punch card apps to find software that has the features and use cases you need:

Youshie – Your independent branded app

Youshie dashboard

Youshie has a broader view of “loyalty” and goes beyond a simple rewards and points collection system. Our digital punch card feature is built into your own app, so when customers download it, they receive an initial allotment of points and then collect points for each purchase. Once they accumulate enough points, they can redeem them for rewards.

But Youshie is essentially a tool for increasing repeat business and fostering customer loyalty. With your own iOS and Android app, you can go beyond a basic rewards program. Run multiple mobile loyalty programs, offer frictionless and personalized shopping experiences, in-store scanning, and a rewards marketplace.

With just push notifications, you will have a 3x conversion rate. Let's see what you can do with your Youshie-built app:


  • Dynamic mobile rewards: A customizable mobile rewards program to keep customers active and engaged. Create reward events, such as bonus points, or offer discounts dynamically based on lower points thresholds.
  • AI-powered engagement assistant: Youshie's Engagement Assistant maximizes customer loyalty through personalized interactions. Using AI, the Engagement Assistant can send targeted re-engagement campaigns, deliver relevant notifications based on customer behavior and automated emails for personalized rewards.
  • Smooth checkout: Fewer abandoned carts, more sold items. A frictionless and mobile-optimized shopping experience will result in fewer abandoned carts and more sold items.
  • Spotlight: Promote new products, special collections, sales or attractive bundles in the blog section of your app. Make sure your loyal customers get the news first.
  • Personalized push notifications: Youshie's push notifications are 5-6x more effective than emails that may end up in Spam. Grab your customers' attention with timely offers, personalized updates, and friendly reminders to get them back in your store.
  • Everything in one place: Youshie seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Shopify, Mailchimp, Stripe, Square and Moneris. 

Youshie mobile app example

Use cases

  • Next level rewards program: Skip the “one rewards fits all mindset” and engage customers with exclusive discounts, personalized offers, unique freebies,etc.
  • Personalized recommendations: Suggest personalized items to increase the number of items in the shopping cart.
  • Customer analysis: Learn your customers' preferences and behavior to optimize future campaigns for the highest ROI.
  •  Community building: Share news and updates within your app so it becomes their go-to place for product updates and recommendations.


  • A branded app with a custom logo
  • A free trial 
  • An intuitive app interface
  • Available on iOS and Android (your own app, not Youshie branded)
  • App ready in five days
  • Customizable features 
  • Hands-on support from the Youshie team


Youshie offers two subscription plans. The Core plan ($199/month) is a perfect option for small businesses looking for a loyalty app. The Unlimited plan (custom pricing) is ideal for businesses aiming to unlock the full potential of their card app with customization and unique features.

Both plans come with a one-month free trial to get you started.

Get started for free!

Youshie pricing

User rating

Clients love Youshie because of useful features such as dynamic rewards, spotlight and smart shopping. The result for all of them was increased brand loyalty and significant ROI.

Youshie user rating‍

Magic Stamp – Digital punch cards app

Magic Stamp punch card apps dashboard

Magic Stamp is a digital card collector app that customers download to store cards, collect points, and earn rewards. Business owners get a comprehensive dashboard to load and analyze customer data while sending them personalized rewards and reminders if they don’t opt for the basic plan but a higher tier.

Magic Stamp doesn’t offer your own branded app, but with the Advanced plan ($99 per month) or a one-time payment, you can request a custom card design.


  • Digital loyalty cards: Magic Stamp converts traditional paper loyalty cards into digital versions.
  • One app: It provides a paper-like experience without needing batteries, Bluetooth, QR codes or complex technology.
  • Analytics dashboard: Track customer behavior, measure store performance, drive footfalls and provide actionable insights if you opt for the higher pricing plans.
  • Personalized campaigns: Tools for segmenting customers and driving footfall with in-app promotions. 
  • Extra perks: Vouchers allow customers to pre-pay for services or gift treats to friends. 

Use cases

  • No traditional cards: Lose the paper cards for a digital punch card customers can easily access on their phone.
  • Customer insights: Learn more about your customer behavior and preferences in a single dashboard.
  • Rewards and campaigns: Send personalized messages to your customers and keep your brands on top of their minds.


  • Ease of use
  • Good customer service
  • No set-up cost
  • Fast delivery


Magic Stamp offers three pricing plans for its mobile loyalty app, each with no setup cost. The Basic plan costs $39 per site monthly or $390 annually. 

The most popular Growth plan is priced at $59 per site monthly (down from $81) or $590 annually (down from $810 annually). The Advanced plan is $99 per site monthly or $990 annually. Additional features such as vouchers, insights, campaigns, delivery and custom card design are available at extra costs.

Magic Stamp pricing

User rating

Users highly rate the simplicity and effectiveness of the Magic Stamp system—positive feedback on ease of use and the eco-friendly nature of the digital loyalty cards. Numerous clients said they could increase customer engagement and repeat visits using this app.

Magic Stamp rating on Apple Store

Stamp Me - Digital punch card app

tamp Me punch card apps dashboard‍

Stamp Me is a digital stamp collector app with a modern contactless system, customizable rewards,  and multilingual support. Stamp Me helps business owners retain customers with push notifications, SMS, birthday club reminders and gamification features. 

Unfortunately, Stamp Me does not build branded mobile apps, but you can display your logo and customize your stamp icons, so your loyalty program stands out a bit from others in the Stamp Me app.


  • One app for all loyalty cards: Customers can have multiple loyalty cards from different brands in one app.
  • Customizable rewards: Offers a variety of reward options, including in-app vouchers, birthday rewards and spontaneous rewards.
  • Platform for program management: A web-based dashboard for managing customers, sending communications and viewing or exporting activity.
  • In-app features: Improve satisfaction with push notifications, SMS, birthday club and gamification features like “scratch and win” games.
  • Multi-language support: Available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish.
  • Useful integrations: Seamlessly integrates with CRM and marketing platforms via Zapier, including tools like Mailchimp, Slack and Hubspot.

Use cases

  • Digital punch card collector: Allow your customers to easily store your punch card in one app on their phones
  • Multiple rewards programs: Reward your customers with personalized freebies and original gifts.
  • Customer engagement: Entertain customers with gamification and push notifications.


  • Three simple ways to collect stamps
  • Friendly customer service
  • Easy set up
  • Free trial


Stamp Me offers three pricing plans, each with a 30-day free trial. The Lite plan, priced at $49/month, provides basic features and unlimited members. 

The Pro plan, at $79/month, includes all features and unlimited data access. The Elite plan, costing $199/month, offers personalized VIP support and all Pro features. 

Stamp Me pricing

User rating

Users often appreciate customer support, user-friendliness and the flexibility of multiple stamp cards, locations and various stamp methods. 

Alt text: Stamp Me review on G2

Punchy – Digital punch card app for Shopify stores

Punchy dashboard

Alt text: Punchy digital punch card apps

Punchy offers templates or custom designs for creating a punch card for your Shopify store. It makes an integrated digital loyalty app that replaces the paper-based punch card experience for online stores and point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Its seamless integration with Shopify allows merchants to build customized digital rewards programs and display them to customers at the checkout.

Unfortunately, Punchy does not build branded mobile apps, but with the paid plan, you can get a customizable punch card design for your Shopify store.


  • No-code digital programs: Easily create digital punch cards without any coding required.
  • Custom discounts: Design personalized discounts to encourage repeat purchases and customer loyalty.
  • Customer accounts: Encourage shoppers to create accounts at checkout to track their rewards in a single platform.
  • Templates or custom design: The advanced plan offers multiple punch card templates and custom design options.
  • Integration: Works seamlessly with Shopify POS and online store themes.

Use cases

  • Loyalty app within Shopify: Manage your loyalty program within Shopify.
  • Customer retention:Create personalized rewards for your Shopify customers.
  • Data collection: Urge customers to create cards so you can track their rewards and behavior.


  • Seamless integration with Shopify 
  • Multiple templates and design options to fit different business needs
  • Simple setup and management without requiring technical skills
  • Positive feedback on customer service


Punchy offers two pricing plans to suit your business needs. The Starter plan is free and includes features like defining multiple punch card templates and mixing product categories. It also has a limit of 30 orders per month. 

The Advanced plan costs $12.99 monthly and offers additional benefits such as custom design options and unlimited orders. 

Punchy pricing

User rating

The overall rating in the Shopify app store is 4.3 out of 5. Users appreciate the app’s tracking capabilities and responsive customer support. 

Punchy user rating

Juicy Suite (ex Juicy App) –  Digital punch cards app for Wallets

Juicy App digital punch card dashboard

The Juicy App offered only digital stamp cards, but recently they’ve added “white label membership cards” as part of their product catalogue. With their “digital stamp cards app” you can easily create loyalty programs that customers can keep in their digital wallet. Within an already existing app on their phone they can view their punch card and collect rewards.

With the new “white label membership card,” customers can view their transaction history, participate in loyalty programs and receive reminders and notifications. The company offers a scalable membership system and modularized features, but the price and app-building process are not explicitly mentioned on its website.


  • Digital punch card collector: Customers can store your brand’s punch card in the wallet app on their phone.
  • White label membership card: Contact customers and engage them with the app's gamification feature.
  • Real-time updates: The system updates all records in real time, allowing businesses to add or cancel stamps, activate or deactivate cards, and adjust campaigns on the fly.
  • White label option: From the landing page to the stamp card design, the app is fully customizable, allowing businesses to maintain their branding.
  • Analytics and CRM integration: The app provides valuable insights into customer behavior and campaign performance, helping businesses optimize their programs.

Use cases

  • Punch card maker: Create your loyalty program and connect it to Wallets.
  • Customer retention: Use push notifications and game-like features to boost customer engagement.


  • Multiple products in one suite 
  • Free trial
  • Customization options


Pricing isn’t publicly available, but they offer a free trial.

User rating

Specific user ratings for Juicy Suite’s product aren’t available.

Comparison table

Digital Punch Card Apps Best for Customization options Android/iOS Integrations Pricing
Youshie Small businesses looking for a branded app Comprehensive. Fully branded app Both Shopify, Mailchimp, Stripe, Square and Moneris Starts at $199 per month.
Magic Stamp Businesses that need a straightforward, stamp-based loyalty program. Custom card designs available at $99 per month Both Not specified, mainly standalone. Basic subscription at $39/month,
Stamp Me Businesses looking for a flexible and customizable loyalty program. Limited Both Integrates with CRM, Mailchimp, and HubSpot via Zapier. Paid plan starts at $49/month.
Punchy Shopify stores looking to integrate a punch card app Custom card designs available at $99 per month Both Popular POS systems and marketing tools. A free plan and a paid plan for $12.99/month.
Juicy App Businesses looking for simple punch card or full white-label app White-label app Both Extensive, including social media and marketing automation tools. Pricing unavailable

Branded apps vs. Digital punch card apps

Although this article mainly focuses on digital punch card apps, branded apps offer more flexibility, customization and third-party independence. 

Digital punch card apps are usually tied to the seller’s app, Shopify store or wallet, meaning you don’t have complete control over the visuals and functionality of your loyalty program. Plus, with a digital punch card app, you are limited to one type of rewards program, set in-store features and rewards.

With a branded app, customers feel like they are a part of your community, where they can go for news, updates, special promotions and unique rewards. To create brand ambassadors and increase customer lifetime value, businesses should invest in a fully customizable branded app like Youshie.


Digital punch card apps minimize the use of cards in physical form and provide a range of functions for your loyalty program. However, to take loyalty and retention to the next level, look for a branded app.

Youshie’s features and customization options make it stand out from the crowd. Sign up for a free trial to experience the benefits firsthand and see how Youshie can transform your customer loyalty program.


How do you make a virtual punch card?

You can use specific digital punch card apps to create and customize your virtual punch cards. They are usually stored in third-party apps or phone wallets.

Does anyone still use punch cards?

Even though some businesses still use punch cards, they are becoming antique since branded apps offer more flexibility and customer engagement.

What replaced punch cards?

Punch cards have now been replaced by loyalty programs with reward points, dynamic offers, etc. Loyalty programs have proven to be more effective when it comes to customer retention and engagement.

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