Meet your Future iOS and Android App

With your company's own iOS and Android app, you can engage with your customers more.

Better Shopping Experience
Your customers can browse, shop and purchase their favourite products from their homescreen
Shop Safely and Securely
Our servers meet a strict standard to ensure that all your data is encrypted.
"Ontheapp has grown my business"
Sara Smith
Track Orders Easily
Notify your consumers via the app when their order status changes. That means an easy way to get them using your app.
"I love all the integrations"
Eric Honnold
Rewards for your Customers
Give back to your customers with unique and interactive rewards
Give Exclusive Deals
Your customers will keep up to date with all your deals, including exclusive deals to loyal app users.
"I love all the integrations"
Eric Honnold

Making it easy

Designed For Growth

Get a mobile app to increase your customers' engagement with your business, leading to increased retention and revenues.

Professional UI and UX - We average a 5 start rating across our client's iOS and Android apps with thousands of downloads each. That means a better purchase experience for your customers, and that means more sales for you.

Engineered for More Conversions - Being built for customer retention, our iOS and Android apps are geared around converting customers. Our apps average 3x greater conversion likelihood when compared to web.

Low Cost - All the benefits of your own app, without the huge expenses. Our pricing structure is geared for small businesses to success.

Attention, attention and more attention

Engage your Customers

Get a sales machine that will get you repeat customers consistently and predictably.

Exclusive, Targeted Offers - Incentivize selected users with personalized sales and rewards specific to that user.

New Marketing Tools- Our app push notifications create far more engagement that other mediums.

Dedicated Rewards Marketplace- Your customers can explore rewards available to them and redeem offers based on the amount of points they have. This incentivizes them to interact with your app more often, increasing their likelihood of purchase.

Harness your growth

Manage your New App

Powerful back-end to manage your app in real time.

Real Time Updates - Quickly view customer activity, and manage orders in real time. Stay up to date with your business' performance.

Actionable Insights - We'll provide you with a variety of reports and statistics that will help you make more intelligent decisions to grow your business.

Communicate to Customers - Launch notification campaigns to your entire customer base, or target individual customers for direct communication,

"I wanted to build a platform I could be proud of, a platform that could help small business succeed.

Youshie has everything you will ever need to boost your business' customer engagement and retention."

Stephen D'Addario
Vice President & Founder, Youshie

Our integrations

We Integrate With all the Tools and Platforms That Help Power Your Business

We make integrations with popular software that helps power small businesses around the world. If by chance your business needs additional, unique, integrations with your infrastructure, we will make them at no additional cost to you.

Low risk, low cost

No upfront development costs, no upgrade costs, small commitment

With our low pricing and cost structure, we only succeed when you do. We pass the high ROI on to you!

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