Top 5 Reasons your Business Needs its Own Mobile App

There are many reasons why retailers should have their own mobile app, in addition to their e-commerce website. While historically only the largest retailers had their own app, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Below are the top 5 reasons – all leading to an increase in sales - of why a small-to-medium sized business should have their own mobile app:.

Increase repeat customers by 3x and increase sales

Having a mobile app will increase your repeat customer by 3x versus having only a website. And repeat customers are the most valuable to your business because: 

  1. Repeat customers spend more money and are more likely to buy more expensive products.
  2. Repeat customers are easier to sell to because of the enhanced level of trust.
  3. Repeat customers cost less than new customers.

Be always visible to your customers 

The average person spends an average of 3 ½ hours on their mobile device per day. "Being in the way" when they're scanning their device for another app can be a huge marketing advantage.​

Standing out from your competition

Mobile apps among the small-to-medium sized business level are not common, primarily due to the large costs associated with developing your own. With a mobile e-commerce platform, the large development costs and considerable time commitment are removed as obstacles. That now means if you get your own mobile app, you’ll gain a big advantage over your competitors.​

Increase customer loyalty

There is a lot of product messaging - roadside banners, billboards, newspaper ads, flyers, coupons, websites, website banners, Facebook ads, email marketing, etc. - bombarding your customers as they are surrounded by all these types of advertising. Consumers who download a company’s app are immediately more connected – and stay more connected - thereby increasing their loyalty to your business.​ And putting your products on an aggregator’s app doesn’t increase loyalty to your brand. Instead, it increases loyalty to the aggregator’s brand, who also displays all your competitor’s products, where it is easy for you to lose sales. The brand loyalty you are trying to cultivate should remain with you, not be given to someone else merely because they have an app and you don’t. 

A direct marketing channel with your customers

Via push notifications, you can cut through the clutter of email and send your customers phone notifications tailored to their specific circumstances, such as order confirmations, sale notifications, product in stock notifications, etc. These notifications are far more effective at driving sales than emails.

Historically, only the biggest retailers could afford their own mobile app, as not only are the development costs prohibitive, but the annual maintenance costs are significant as well. This meant that small-to-medium sized businesses have historically been limited to websites only. This is where a mobile e-commerce app platform like Youshie comes into play. With no upfront costs or annual update costs, Youshie makes it possible for small-to-medium sized business to finally have their own app. No longer are the benefits of having your own app off-limits to the smaller retailer. Small-to-medium sized businesses can now tap into the sales generating power that their own mobile app can provide.