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The Power of Apps

World Meats' revamped their entire B2C segment with Youshie, propelling the walk-in butcher into the world of modern-day e-commerce. Within 6 months of the World Meats app being live, accompanied with automated marketing via Youshie's engagement and rewards offerings, World Meats' app sales greatly eclipsed legacy web sales.

Driven by greater engagement, World Meats' conversion rate tripped as a result of customers migrating to their 5-star app. In addition, customer retention and repeat purchase rates skyrocketed. Today, over 50% of all World Meats' consumer sales originate from their app, helping World Meats stand apart from competitors despite intense competitive pressures.

The Power of Rewards

With the desire to grow customer retention, The Record Shoppe adopted Youshie as an app solution to keep customers engaged and shopping year-round. With a focus on Youshie Rewards, they aimed to ramp up marketing efforts centred around retention and consumer loyalty.

Both online and in-store shoppers began using the app regularly, staying up to date with new drops and earning generous rewards, propelling The Record Shoppe to new sales highs. Within months of launch, 25% of all purchasing customers regularly use The Record Shoppe app, driving purchases both online and in-store, rendering the app a core component of the company's business strategy moving forward.

The Benefits of Driving Engagement

The Naked Vine, a local supplier of on-site winemaking and wine supplies, aimed to modernize their business model with Youshie. Attributed to outdated marketing strategies and prolonged lead times in winemaking, customers often felt disconnected. Customers would wait without updates, leading to missed pickups and strained relationships.

Despite these challenges, the need to integrate seamlessly with current infrastructure hindered change. Youshie stepped in to modernize The Naked Vine, providing an app and platform integrations that greatly enhanced customer engagement. This transformation has significantly increased customer satisfaction and repeat business. Additionally, the new app has driven the company's online and recurrent sales, optimizing their existing infrastructure to boost revenues.

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Engage with your customers at a higher level with mobile-focussed and fully managed customer retention and engagement software. Our fully-integrated iOS and Android app solution simplifies the process, automating engagement and driving repeat business. Experience the power of our user-friendly platform and unlock the potential for long-term customer loyalty and increased customer lifetime value.
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